The Old Man makes an exciting appearance on Disney+

The Old Man makes an exciting appearance on Disney+

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We’ve been waiting a few months for Jeff Bridges to appear in The Old Man on Disney+. With the original trailer released in July earlier this year, the exciting series is now available on the small screen. The first episode was available on September 28, 2022, and there are seven episodes in the first season.

Of course, you can only enjoy the action if you have a Disney+ account. Watch Jeff as Dan Chase, fighting to save his family from those who seek to kill him. Stay with us until the end of the article to learn about the latest discount available.


The Old Man defends those he loves on Disney+

After the initial announcement of The Old Man in July, we’ve been waiting in anticipation for the series to arrive on Disney+. It’s been 50 years since Jeff Bridges was last on Television, but he doesn’t feel it’s a downgrade. In an interview he did with RadioTimes a few weeks ago, the star says that TV is becoming as good as movies lately.

Jeff doesn’t disappoint in The Old Man, which finally appeared on Disney+ towards the end of last month. For now, there are three episodes available, and I suspect there will be a weekly release like the platform usually does. Let’s see what you can expect from this series.

The plot of The Old Man

Dan Chase was once a CIA operative who retired about thirty years ago. He’s living off the grid to protect himself and his family when suddenly someone breaks into his home. Killing the intruder, Chase wonders who’s after him as he rents an apartment on the run.

the old man disney plus

A complicated past

There’s a slight complication, though. The FBI wants Harold Harper to bring him in. He’s the Assistant Director of Counterintelligence for the FBI, but that’s not why they asked him to take on this assignment. It seems they have a past together, one that stretches back to the Soviet–Afghan War.

As the old man Chase continues to run for his life, Harper continues to call on him to turn in and speak to the FBI. In the meantime, Harper has a hitman hunting Chase, which causes chaos on the screen as the one outwits the other.

the old man disney plus

Hunting the hunter

The government isn’t playing clean. The more Chase escapes and kills operatives and agents, the more the FBI is eager to hunt him down. They even threaten to come after his daughter, as you can see in the trailer. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Liam Neeson, it’s that you don’t even come after the family.

Chase issues a counter-threat. For every agent they send after him, they’ll receive a body bag. Everyone that goes after his daughter will be sent back in pieces. While the Old Man wants to just live in peace, he’s going to show the FBI what he’s made of on Disney+.

the old man disney plus

Prepare for exhilarating action on Disney+

As you can tell, there’s excitement and action in The Old Man series on Disney+. You can already enjoy the first three episodes, with four more to come over the next few weeks. I’m sure you’ll love the intrigue and stealthy killing every step of the way.

Remember, you can only enjoy The Old Man if you have a Disney+ membership. At the moment, you can subscribe for 12 months at the cost of 10 months, paid annually. Don’t miss out on this Disney+ offer!

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