Watch the exciting sci-fi thriller Prey, exclusive to Disney+

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The Predator is back, albeit at a different time on Earth. The new exciting movie Prey is set more than 300 years before the first film, and we get to see the Native Indian tribe, Comanches, in action. It’s exclusive to Disney+, and you can stream it now live on your account by the Star brand.

If you don’t have a Disney+ subscription, you’ll want to grab one to catch the exciting science-fiction action in the latest Prey movie featuring the iconic Predator. Stay tuned until the end for more details on a thrilling discount.

Watch the exciting sci-fi thriller Prey, exclusive to Disney+

The Predator hunting Prey in historic lands

You may recall that the first predator movie was in 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead actor. Also known as Predator: Prey, the exclusive Disney+ movie goes back more than 300 years to the lands of the Comanches. It was a time when young hunters had to prove their worth while the elders continued to bring fresh meat to the table.

Naru is a young female healer who believes she’s as skilled as any hunter in his tribe. She’s continuously on the lookout for danger or any prey she can hunt. One day, she lands in some danger, only to be rescued by an invisible being at the last moment. That’s when she realizes she’s become the prey.

Intent on proving himself to the tribe, she first warns them about the strange creature, but no one listens. Armed with only her primitive weapons, she sets out to track and hunt the Predator. In some ways, it sets a similar scene as Assassin’s Creed 3, but with an alien twist. You’ll have to watch the thrilling science fiction adventure on Disney+ to find out who’s the better hunter.

Prey, exclusive to Disney+ 1

A thrilling movie featuring the Comanches

One of the main features of Prey is that it provides some insight into the Comanches’ heritage and history. Jhane Myers, one of the producers, has a Comanches ancestry, while many of the cast consists of Native and First Nations star talent. It helps bring some authenticity to the film, while also driving home the action on the screen.

You may know Dane DiLiegro from American Horror Story. Well, he’s acting as the Predator this time around. Naru is portrayed by the actress Amber Midthunder, who you may recognize from shows like Banshee, Legion, The Originals, and Roswell, New Mexico.

Prey, exclusive to Disney+ 1

Get set for an action-packed Disney+ adventure

It’s really exciting to see the Predator return to the screen again, even if it’s straight to television. The new Prey feature on Disney+ will have your heart pounding as you root for Naru to hunt down the alien and take it down. 

Be sure you don’t miss out on the sci-fi action by obtaining a Disney+ account at a discounted price over a year. You can claim the 12-month membership at the cost of 10 months, which means you can then stream Prey immediately!

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