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Luca: Pixar’s refreshingly adorable film on Disney+



Who doesn’t fondly remember that summer when, between ice cream, laughter and the occasional tear, when you spent some of the happiest days of your childhood? With this premise comes Luca, the new Disney Pixar film that, as of June 18, is available to Disney+ subscribers. In it you’ll travel to Porto Rosso, a tiny fishing village on the coast of Italy where Luca and Alberto will have the greatest adventure of their lives… which comes as no surprise because these two kids are actually sea monsters!

A beautiful story of friendship and acceptance

Clearly reminiscent of The Little Mermaid with a touch of Pippi Longstocking, Luca is a lovely tale where being different is no reason to hide, but a wonderful motive to teach the world about the beauty of diversity. With all the magic of Disney Pixar, the film introduces us to Luca, a tiny sea monster who’s thirsty to discover what lies outside of the water. However, his overprotective parents won’t approve of any of the little monster’s attempts to explore the surface.

After befriending the crazy Alberto, Luca will discover how his species are capable of transforming into humans when not in contact with the water. With dreams of being free and traveling the world on a Vespa, the two kids will run away to Porto Rosso, a small fishing village terrified by the ancient legends about sea monsters. Like two fish out of water, literally, Luca and Alberto will have the summer of their lives with Giulia, a young girl considered strange by the rest of the children of the town.

Light and refreshing with a valuable message

Disney Pixar makes a splash once again with a beautiful, entertaining story that transmits a truly important message for viewers young and old: it’s okay to be different. Now that summer vacation is here, Luca is a must-see movie that you can enjoy with the little ones at home. Don’t miss it!

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